Soap Star Lauren B. Martin at the ISA's in NYC

'You Are Not Special' Director On Balancing Nightlife and Art in NYC (Click to Read More)
Lauren Martin is one of the good people that work in nightlife on their way to someplace else. Some are actors, others artists or dancers or writers or comics or students get the idea. Dustin Hoffman waited tables at The Village Gate, and Debbie Harry might have given you a scotch and soda at Max’s. Bruce Willis was a bartender at Kamikaze, and Keith Haring took tickets at Mudd. The list goes on and on. Without nightlife and its after-castings, school or day job-generated incomes, many people could not live and pursue their big city dreams. When clubs and bars and restaurants are regulated out of business, people are put out of work. To many, these are faceless statistics. Lauren Martin is a pretty face paying her dues on her way to fame and fortune. She and Kera Yonker have created a short film called You Are Not Special. Read More

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